6 Things That Can Be Done to Get Your Home Spring Ready in Georgia

It seems like we could be in for an early spring in Georgia. The weather has been nice all week outside a couple of showers here and there. Spring season isn’t official until about another month, but it’s never too early to prepare. The grass begins to grow and it’s time to focus on landscaping. There’s a lot that goes into getting your home ready for the new season. We also have the time spring forward also. If you’re looking for ways to get your home ready for spring, I’ll help you. Below are 6 things that can be done to get your home spring ready in Georgia.

Check Your Smoke Alarms

You should replace the batteries at least every six months. People have different times as to when they change them. For me, I’m changing them at the beginning of the fall and spring seasons. Checking your smoke alarms is fast and simple, but super important! You should test your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors once a month. In 2020, 146 people in Georgia died from house fires which is too many.

Replace or Clean Filters

Replacing or cleaning your air filters should be done at the start of the spring. In Georgia, many of us start to crank up the air conditioners. You should also get ready for spring by replacing your water, furnace, and range hood filters. If you’re not sure how to replace any of these filters, you can research a solution online or hire a professional. We have one for upstairs and a separate one for the downstairs area. The air filter for downstairs is one that must be cleaned every so often. The upstairs air filter is one we replace at the start of spring. For me, I’d rather have mine delivered through Filter Snap.

Check For Leaking Pipes

There were a few times throughout the winter where they advised people to keep your faucets running. In Georgia, we don’t have winter weather like Buffalo, but we have cold moments. With the warm weather upon us, this is a good time to check your pipes. Pipes can freeze during the winter. This is a great time to check your entire home for leaking pipes.

Clean Out Dryer Vent

We all clean the lint trap filter after you finish a load in the dryer. You should be cleaning out the entire vent at least once a year. This could be a fire hazard if you’re not cleaning the dryer vent. Disconnect the dryer, vacuum, and brush out the vent and then reconnect.


When I say declutter, it means all around the home. My family lives in Georgia and most of, if not all of us use our garage as a storage unit. Decluttering your garage could be your first or last thing you do. If you’re like me, most likely you store everything there before finally doing something with it. Declutter beforehand so you have less to clean, less to carry or move, and fewer items collecting dust. It’ll be much easier to clean without any clutter in the way.

Lawn Care

Last and not least, it’s time to get that yard in top condition. If you live in a subdivision with HOA, then you want to spray your yard before it becomes spring. Make sure you trim the hedges, plant some flowers and just make the yard look great.

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