6 Atlanta Games That I’m Planning on Attending This Season

6 Atlanta Games That I’m Planning on Attending This Season

6 Atlanta Haw6 Atlanta Hawks Games That I’m Planning on Attending This Seasonks Games That I’m Planning on Attending This Season

The 2022-2023 NBA schedule has been released. It’s hard to believe that we are about two months away from regular season action. The Atlanta Hawks made some interesting moves during the offseason. The big acquisition was acquiring DeJounte Murray from the San Antonio Spurs. Many believed that John Collins was on his way out, but we have managed to keep him. The big step for the Hawks now is giving DeAndre Hunter an extension. I’ve been an Atlanta Hawks fan since the days of ‘Nique and the Omni days. I’m really looking forward to this season because we have the potential to do some things. After going over the Hawks schedule there are five games I’ll be attending. With my schedule, there are some that I’m not able even though I’d love to. Below are the 6 Atlanta Hawks games that I’m planning on attending this season.

Miami Heat on November 27th

I’m hoping to make this game when the Miami Heat comes to town. The Heat eliminated the Hawks in the first round of the playoffs last season. Unfortunately, me and my kids were in the building for Game 4 of the playoffs when the Heat beat us. The only issue with this one is that this is my wife’s birthday and she’s not a big sports fans.

Chicago Bulls on December 11th

The Chicago Bulls and Atlanta Hawks had some competitive games last season. Me and my son attended one of the games in which the Hawks came away with the win. The Bulls are hoping to be at full strength this year. Lonzo Ball missed a significant amount of time dealing with a knee injury. Zach LaVine signed a max extension to remain with the Bulls. Can DeMar DeRozan repeat the season from a year ago? People seem to forget that the Bulls were once at the top of the Eastern Conference before the injuries.

Los Angeles Lakers on December 30th

It’s the Los Angeles Lakers and LeBron James. LeBron is arguably the greatest player ever or at least in the conversation. James just inked a 2-year extension for around $97 million. Los Angeles is still trying to upgrade the roster. Los Angeles still has LeBron and Anthony Davis. This should be a great game between these two.

Boston Celtics on March 11th

Boston is coming off an NBA Finals appearance. They are still in the market to acquire Kevin Durant. They are contenders to reach the NBA Finals again with the squad they have. Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown are two of the best players in the league. They acquired Malcolm Brogdan in a trade and he adds depth to an already championship team.

Golden State on March 17th

It’s Golden State! My oldest daughter birthday is the 20th and we have always went to this game for her birthday. She’s one of the biggest Steph Curry fans in the world. My youngest daughter also has become one of his biggest fans. Golden State usually comes to Atlanta in March and we have went almost every year since 2014. This year will not be any different and we’re hoping Steph plays this game because he missed it last year. Did I mention that they are the defending NBA champions?

Memphis Grizzles on March 26th

The Memphis Grizzlies have become one of the best teams in the league. Many believe that the Grizzlies could have beat the Warriors in the postseason last year. We all know that Ja Morant went down with an injury. There are also people that go back and forth as who’s better between Morant and Trae Young. Either way, this should be a very exciting game and one I’ll be attending.

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